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Appliance breakdowns can cause major headaches that get even worse when you find out that the appliance cannot be repaired. When it is time to purchase a new appliance, HomeSmart's Replacement Helper Plan can ease the financial pain of this unexpected burden!

The best part? Our replacement coverage plan is just $11.95 per month.

The HomeSmart Replacement Helper Plan is an optional feature in addition to the Appliance Repair Plan that offsets the cost to replace non-repairable appliances and heating and cooling equipment. If HomeSmart determines during a service call that an appliance is no longer repairable or parts are no longer available, we will submit a claim to help recover some of the expenses incurred to replace that appliance. HomeSmart provides a flat rate payout based on the type of appliance. This replacement coverage includes ALL the appliances already covered for repairs under your Appliance Repair Plan.  

Appliance Replacement Reimbursement Schedule:

New Rhc payout

For only $11.95 per month, HomeSmart's Replacement Helper Plan will cover all of the appliances you’ve already covered for repairs under your HomeSmart Appliance Repair Plan.

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