What happens if I have a problem with my appliance before signing up for HomeSmart or before the 30 day wait period is up?

If you have a problem with one of your appliances either before signing up or during the first 30 days of enrollment, this is considered a pre-existing condition. This means that HomeSmart will schedule the repair, but it will need to be paid out of pocket. These repairs start at $85 for the diagnosis plus any parts and labor. The total amount is added to your monthly Xcel Energy bill, and will be split up over three months at no interest to make the fee manageable for our customers.

If I select the basic repair plan, am I required to have the furnace, dryer, range/oven, and water heater as my four appliances? Or can I select which appliances I want covered?

HomeSmart does require that the furnace remain on the plan. Other than that, your personal plan can be customized to suit your household needs with any other three appliances, including multiples of the same appliance. You may also customize your plan further by adding additional appliances for $4.95 per appliance per month.

If my appliance is approved for replacement through my Replacement Helper Coverage, how does the reimbursement process work? When will I receive my check? How much do I get?

First, the technician needs to let HomeSmart know that an appliance needs to be replaced. Once we verify this, we mail you a letter about how to send us a receipt copy for the new appliance you've purchased. The appliance must be new or scratch and dent. After the receipt is received and approved, a check will be mailed within 8 weeks.

Each appliance has a flat rate for replacement helper. This means that no matter what you spend on a new appliance, you will receive the same amount from HomeSmart. The amounts are as follows:

Appliance Reimbursement Amount
A/C Condensing Unit $1,000
Boiler $1,800
Clothes Dryer $500
Clothes Washer $500
Dishwasher $450
Furnace $1,000
Gas Fireplace $1,000
Range / Cooktop / Oven $550
Refrigerator 10ft³ or greater $750
Refrigerator 3-9ft³** $200
Water Heater $450
How many times can I have a piece of equipment serviced?

There is no limit to repairs. HomeSmart will continue to fix your appliances until they are no longer repairable or the parts are no longer available. There is no extra cost, just your monthly rate.

How do you select the service providers who respond to the service calls and repair appliances?

HomeSmart reaches out to repair companies based on the service needs of particular zip code areas. We check that they are licensed, are reputable, and ask for a list of professional references. All technicians have thorough background checks, and we make sure they are qualified to repair the appliances that HomeSmart covers. Each service provider is responsible for sending individual technicians on service calls.

When can I call HomeSmart if I am having problems with an appliance or have questions about coverage?

You can call us anytime. We have an able team waiting to help you with any questions or issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Call toll free at 1-866-837-9762 or you can call our local number at 651-222-6500.