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Basic Plan

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With the Midwest's humid summers and harsh winters, it's inevitable that appliance breakdowns will happen -- and often at the worst time. Don't be left in the cold without a furnace or unexpected, pricey appliance repair bills. HomeSmart's Appliance Repair Plan is an annual plan that is here to protect your home and household budget all year long!

Select Your Repair Plan

The Basic Appliance Repair Plan covers all costs to repair your basic appliances

  • Furnace or Boiler
  • Water Heater
  • Range
  • Clothes Dryer

Price per month $18.95

Budget Control

Break down the cost of typical appliance repairs and you will see, signing up for HomeSmart's Appliance Repair Plan is really a matter of dollars and sense.

Appliance Avg. Lifespan Cost
Furnace 18 $274
Air Conditioner 15 $318
Water Heater 10 $479
Fireplace 20 $432
Range 13 $189
Clothes Dryer 13 $165
Clothes Washer 10 $168
Refrigerator 13 $300
Dishwasher 9 $180

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What Our Members Are Saying

HomeSmart was amazing. I contacted them because we had no heat. Within 2 hours someone was out to fix the problem. Sandy, St. Louis Park
We returned from vacation to find our refrigerator had been out of service. We needed an immediate response for service; Home Smart's quick service saved us a lot of inconveniences. Mike & Pat, Roseville
Tim is an excellent repairman. He has come before to fix appliances. He knows exactly what to do and how to fix the equipment. Paula, Roseville
What wonderful service!! The work was done promptly and efficiently and the technician was great!! I highly recommend this service. Pearl, Forest Lake