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Preventative Maintenance

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We make maintaining your heating and cooling equipment incredibly easy for you. With HomeSmart's Preventative Maintenance plans, a skilled technician will make adjustments to your heating and/or cooling system during annually scheduled appointments. This is additional coverage for the Basic or Premium Plan.

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For $7.95 per month, we'll ensure your furnace/boiler or central air conditioner runs efficiently with an annual check up from a certified technician.

  • Furnace/boiler or central air conditioner.

*You must have a Basic Appliance Repair Plan or Premium Plan to add this coverage.

Price per month $7.95

Save Energy

Heating and cooling account for nearly 50% of a typical home’s energy usage. Preventive Maintenance coverage will typically pay for itself through high efficiency and lower utility bills – and that’s good for any budget.

Here's What's Reviewed During Preventive Maintenance:
  • Check thermostat operation and control sequences
  • Check thermostat, heat anticipator/level
  • Presence of CO detectors
  • Check voltage
  • Check/clean air filter
  • Confirm proper air flow
  • Inspect electronic air cleaner (if present)
  • Check venting for satisfactory operation
  • Condensate pump/all drain lines
  • Inspect humidifier (if present)
  • Check condition and adjust fan blower belts (if applicable)
  • Check and oil fan blower motor bearings
  • Remove dust/corrosion from burners and key component parts
  • Check and clean pilot burner
  • Check flame sensor
  • Check heat exchanger for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Check secondary heat exchanger
  • Clean and adjust burner flame (if applicable)
  • Start furnace or boiler
  • Check and adjust gas input
  • Clean surrounding areas
  • Attach maintenance sticker
  • Applicable steps from above "Furnace" list
  • Check water pressure and temp
  • Check operation of pump relay
  • Check operation of aqua stat
  • Operations of Heating System
  • Check pumps
  • Check relief valve (visual)
  • Clean/adjust automatic controls
  • Check pressure switches/hoses
  • Hydraulic pump oiled
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Check and wash condenser coil and clean
  • Start air conditioner
  • Line set/connections for leaks
  • Suction pressure
  • Adjust refrigerant for optimal cooling
  • Refrigerant disposal
  • Check thermostat operation and control sequence
  • Check thermostat heat anticipator level
  • Check voltage
  • Check/clean air filter
  • Confirm proper air flow
  • Inspect electronic air cleaner (if present)
  • Condensate pump/all drain lines
  • Check and oil fan blower & motor bearings
  • Clean up surrounding areas
  • Start water heater
  • Check and clean pilot burner (remove dust/corrosion from burner and key component parts)
  • Check venting for satisfactory operation
  • Clean surrounding area

What Our Members Are Saying

HomeSmart was amazing. I contacted them because we had no heat. Within 2 hours someone was out to fix the problem. Sandy, St. Louis Park
We returned from vacation to find our refrigerator had been out of service. We needed an immediate response for service; Home Smart's quick service saved us a lot of inconveniences. Mike & Pat, Roseville
Tim is an excellent repairman. He has come before to fix appliances. He knows exactly what to do and how to fix the equipment. Paula, Roseville
What wonderful service!! The work was done promptly and efficiently and the technician was great!! I highly recommend this service. Pearl, Forest Lake