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Replacement Helper

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The HomeSmart Replacement Helper Plan is an optional feature in addition to the Appliance Repair Plan. If HomeSmart determines during a service call that an appliance is no longer repairable or parts are no longer available, we will submit a claim to help recover some of the expenses incurred to replace that appliance. HomeSmart provides a flat rate payout based on the type of appliance. This replacement coverage includes ALL the appliances already covered for repairs under your Basic or Premium Appliance Repair Plan.

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Preventative Maintenance Plan

Replacement Helper Plan

Have old or troublesome appliances? Then our Replacement Helper Coverage is a viable option for you. Add this coverage to offset the cost of replacing non-repairable appliances and cooling equipment with a reimbursement from us.

*You must have a Basic Appliance Repair Plan or Premium Plan to add this coverage.

Price per month $11.95

Reduce Unexpected Replacement Costs

Appliance breakdowns can cause major headaches that get even worse when you find out that the appliance cannot be repaired. When it is time to purchase a new appliance, HomeSmart's Replacement Helper Plan can ease the financial pain of this unexpected burden!

Appliance Reimbursement Ammount
A/C Condensing Unit $1,000
Boiler $1,800
Clothes Dryer $500
Clothes Washer $500
Dishwasher $450
Furnace $1,000
Gas Fireplace $1,000
Range/Cooktop/Oven $550
Refrigerator 10 ft or greater $750
Refrigerator 3-9 ft $200
Water Heater $450

Replacement Helper Terms and Conditions

What Our Members Are Saying

HomeSmart was amazing. I contacted them because we had no heat. Within 2 hours someone was out to fix the problem. Sandy, St. Louis Park
We returned from vacation to find our refrigerator had been out of service. We needed an immediate response for service; Home Smart's quick service saved us a lot of inconveniences. Mike & Pat, Roseville
Tim is an excellent repairman. He has come before to fix appliances. He knows exactly what to do and how to fix the equipment. Paula, Roseville
What wonderful service!! The work was done promptly and efficiently and the technician was great!! I highly recommend this service. Pearl, Forest Lake