Do you have an older home that can't seem to stay cool? Or, is your wallet is getting tired of paying for your inefficient window unit? HomeSmart from Xcel Energysm sells and installs top of the line Mitsubishi Cooling & Heating ductless cooling systems.

Ductless air conditioning systems provide an energy efficient solution to keep your home comfortable and cool during those long hot summers. In addition, ductless air conditioning systems are a good option for those who want to increase energy efficiency, have more zone control, and need a little flexibility on where the unit gets installed. Installation for ductless air conditioning systems is also fairly easy and affordable since invasive duct work isn't needed.

HomeSmart is proud to have North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified technicians on staff to provide you with quality installation, customer service and guaranteed satisfaction with your product. All you have to do is sign up online today or call 651-222-6500 for a FREE in-home sales consultation. Our experts take a friendly, informative approach that is NOT high-pressure.

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A full heat load calculation to determine the size of the equipment for your home. Several measurements will be taken on your home including square footage, window sizes (including the direction they face) and count of exterior doors.
An assessment of your individual needs regarding noise, hot and cold spots, the effects of equipment short cycling, and the benefits of multi-stage and variable speed technologies.
Address any concerns you have about indoor air quality and recommend solutions.
A survey of your existing equipment and review any code corrections or other areas of concern. This will ensure you have the safest and highest quality installation.
We will leave you with a detailed, easy to understand proposal including brand/model specific literature for the products and services reviewed.

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